Gym Day One

I love life. I figure the only way to ensure I enjoy it as long as possible is to begin taking good care of myself. So like several other people, one of my New Year resolutions is to work out and eat right.
I have to say, one motivating factor to being a regular at the gym, has to be the amount you have to pay to join it. Convert this to the number of beers or burgers you’d have in a month and you have no option but to put the money to good use. I want to tone my body, and hopefully lose some weight while I’m at it. I’m fast approaching 60 kilograms which is a big deal for me because this time last year I weighed just over 50 kilograms.

So today was day one. I have to admit, the thought of walking into the gym for the first time freaked me out: am I over dressed, will anyone notice that I got my sneakers just yesterday, will I fall off a machine… Waking up was a bit of a hustle so I missed the aerobics class. Instead, Lawrence directed me to the treadmill. This wasn’t too bad. Just like taking a brisk walk…in a very safe neighbourhood. The guy next to me was going so fast, it was like he was doing a 100 meter dash. But at the end of the day, you know what? It’s all about you. So what if someone twice your age is making you look bad? I bet my ass looks better than his!

My legs were wobbly when I finally got off the treadmill half an hour later. I shook it out, or at least pretended to. Then Lawrence let me have a feel of all the machines I would be using to get myself back into shape. I spent probably two minutes on each. I can’t remember what they were all called, I only know that after I finally get to really use them, I will have given all my muscles something to go home and think about.

I felt pretty good after going through the machines. Looks like something I could handle. When we were done with that, Lawrence directed me to the bikes. “100 meter dash Grand dad” was on the bike next to me and he kept glancing at his speed then mine. I’m glad I made someone’s day.
I did ten minutes there and another 10 on some monster that sort of made me cycle and run at the same time.

Lawrence helped me stretch then I hit the showers. Wasn’t too bad for a first day at the gym. I’m definitely over my stage fright. I’m looking forward to making it to an aerobics class. Nothing like a big tough guy showing you how to jump like a fairy.

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