Is Domestic Violence African?!

Today morning, a facebook friend’s status update caught my eye. I read Eddy’s response and was tempted to leave it, but I just had to say something. I am just shocked that today, in the 21st century, we have people who think just like Eddy.

Here is the transcript:

Hassan Damn! Iz Chris Brown the new version of Ike Turner??? 08:03 –

Eddy ‘Ras’ Mamboleo at 08:04 11 February via Facebook Mobile
Wacha msichana afunzwe adabu the african way

Eugene Omolo at 08:10 11 February via Facebook Mobile
Research shows tht 85% of women suffr frm some form of hearn disordr…Mean’n tht talkn isnt always the most effectv means of comm’ctn…

Nekesa Were (at 08:29, on 11 February)
@ Eddy. It’s not the African way. It’s the cowards way.

Hassan Liwali (at 08:46, on 11 February)
@ Eddy and Eugene – Jus hope your jump offs ain’t reading your posts. There’s something called a 1-900 number. . .

@ Nekesa – Question: Would you forgive him or get back with him??

Eddy ‘Ras’ Mamboleo at 08:59 11 February via Facebook Mobile
Hassan n Nekesa quit folowin thos westernised trendz,cant u notice ol tha damage theyve caused us?Stick 2ur roots.It ain bein a coward but a disciplinarian…

Eugene u got it ol ryt

Nekesa Were (at 09:25, on 11 February)
@ Hassan. I would forgive him but i would not get back with him. Then again, it’s very easy for one to say that but love makes us do ridiculous things and truthfully, if one was desperately in love with the guy, it might not be such an easy decision to make.

@Eddy . There is nothing “western” about respect for a fellow human being. In fact, African cultures are well known for the great respect given to men AND women.

That you regard a woman as an inferior being who needs to be disciplined speaks to your own insecurities as a man, which you really should take time to deal with, so that eventually, you will find that there are other ways-proper ways-to define your manhood. And hopefully then you’ll realize that you can take pride in your different achievements and the respect that they earn you as opposed to resorting to tactics which only serve to shield you from the truth, which is that you are unaccomplished,frightened and insecure in your own masculinity.

Eugene Omolo at 10:58 11 February via Facebook Mobile
@Nekesa, u do knw tht ths iz a status update… Naat a thesis paper!!

Lorraine Onduru (at 11:05, on 11 February)
Nekesa: you are so on point.

First of all, wife beating has nothing to do with African tradition, it’s a man’s insecurities. And why is it that only the so-called traditions that demean women, are the ones that people(well mostly men) are quick to say need to be upheld? Wife beating is abuse plain and simple.

sheesh, shame on Chris Brown!

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