The Kenya we deserve

This our Kenya..

Our leaders are stealing from us. Innocent people have lost their lives. Human rights activists have been murdered. Women and children have been raped. We have pathetic infrastructure. People are dying from hunger. Our police force has been compromised and we no longer feel safe in our own homes.

We blame our leaders because, we say, they are not fulfilling the purposes for which we put them in office. They are not giving us the Kenya that we want. They have turned their backs on us and are now working to satisfy their own greed. And we as Kenyans are disillusioned once again by people we had put our faith and trust in. And now, come next elections we vow to vote them all out and infuse some sanity into our leadership. Kura kwa vijana! Simama Kenya!

But we fail to realize that our leaders are a manifestation of ourselves. We promote into power, people who have the same ideals as we do; people who have the same vision as we do. Our candidates are a mirror of ourselves. If we were artists, then politicians would be our expressions of self.

We elect corrupt leaders because we are corrupt. In our day to day dealings we bribe or are bribed without a second thought; and it is acceptable. Why then do we blame the politician who has only perfected the art? Why do we blame the civil servant who has only mimicked what he saw us do?

If tribe was the real reason why you voted for your counselor, or hired your maid or objected to a marriage, or chose a church, who are you to protest when your leader hires his village? We elect leaders who promote tribalism because we intend to benefit from their nepotism.

We entertain lies from our leaders because we lie every day. We lie to our husbands and wives. We lie to our employers. We lie to our children. We lie to get our way. Why shouldn’t our politicians get their way?

We entertain murderers in power because we can justify murder amongst ourselves. Mob justice, death penalty, abortions, genocide…

We detest and disrespect our passive leaders yet we are as passive as they are as we watch the country fall to its knees. We buy prados to avoid pot holes. We buy jerricans to beat the water rationing. We bugler-proof our houses to beat rising cases of crime. We take our children to private schools because of an ‘inadequate’ education system.

So this is the Kenya we deserve. This is our land and nation. Our heritage of splendour. The fruit of our labour. And we stand firmly to defend it.

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