Flush the loo already!

Have you been wrecking your brain trying to figure out why the girls’ toilets at many clubs in Kenya are so filthy?

With the amount of time women spend in the bathroom when they go out to the club, you would, naturally, imagine that the loo has a zen-esque peacefulness that gives the ladies a haven away from the blaring dance music in the club. And some do; like the ones at the Zen Garden, last time I was there.

Several times I’ve been to the bathroom at a club and found the toilet bowls stuffed with wet tissue and so, as you would expect, I assumed that the toilet couldn’t deal with the traffic and so the tank wasn’t filling up as fast as it was being emptied.  But even then, there has to be a point when there was enough water to flush the toilet! And yet, several hours later, the toilet was stuffed with even more wet tissue. So, my conclusion: women just aren’t flushing toilets! Seriously!

So, have you been wrecking your brain trying to figure out why the girls’ toilets at many clubs in Kenya are so filthy? It’s because many women don’t flush the toilets!

We use up so much tissue because we can’t shake it after we’re done peeing like the men do. Well we can, but it’s really not advisable :). Sometimes women will even wipe the toilets sit before using it. Don’t forget some  women are going in for number twos and others need to clean their shoes…So you have the toilet sit tissue, then you have ‘we can’t shake it’ tissue, you have the number two tissue and the shoes tissue. That’s a lot of tissue. It’s ridiculous; the thought that after using so much tissue, a woman won’t feel the need to flush the toilet bowl.

If you’re going to spend so much time in the bathroom touching up your make up, making sure your bum still looks just right in those jeans, gossiping about your date or about the girl in the table next to yours.. What harm is there in spending half a second to flush your mess?! Yes the toilet may look filthy already, but its women just like you that made it that way. And there’s nothing attractive about leaving your nastiness there for the rest of us to see.

And if it really has something to do with too much traffic, then surely there is a remedy that club owners can employ.


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