KRU Gala Versus The Elliptics

The Kenya Rugby Union has announced its annual awards gala to be held on 26th November, 2010. The rugby fanatics’ coordinator, The Ministry of Rugby, has also announced its annual awards dinner, The Elliptics, to be held on 20th November, 2010.

Depending on who you talk to, the KRU awards dinner was either quickly put together in response to the Ministry of Rugby announcing its plans, or has been in the pipeline for a while and only just came to fruition a few weeks ago. Whatever the case, I’m sure that we can all agree that a KRU awards ceremony is long overdue and well received.

The Kenya Rugby Union called a press conference to announce the gala and the list of nominees.

The KRU awards appear to be quite incestuous with some of the people on the selections and nomination committee being award nominees as well. The reasoning that it was inevitable because of a small rugby fraternity does not hold water. The KRU is spoilt for choice in as far as picking committee members who are in good standing with the rugby fraternity and well qualified to contribute towards picking award winners, and who were very unlikely to be nominees.

This ‘purist’ nature of the KRU may have to be rethought to take advantage of the abundant goodwill it still has with the public.

On the face of it, and even perhaps to KRU and the Ministry, it may seem as though the two events are in competition for audiences. But consider the differences between these two events. The two events appear to target different demographics.

While KRU is charging 3000 Kenya Shillings for a ticket to their event, the Ministry tickets are being sold at half the price; 1500 Kenya Shillings. Both costs may be justified given that the KRU dinner will be held at Laico Regency, a five star deluxe hotel, which is way more pricey than The Barn, a club on Ngong Road where The Ministry will host its dinner. But the fact of the matter is that while the Ksh. 3000 will dissuade some, the Ksh. 1500 will attract many.

The Ministry of Rugby is to me, a bunch of happy go lucky-look for any excuse to drink-loud-sometimes irritating other times lovable-bunch of…well, rugby fanatics. Organisers have promised that during the Elliptics, all attendees will make an effort be clean, and well dressed. I still hope they rethink the ‘bow ties and Maasai shukaas’ idea. These awards are a chance for ordinary rugby fans to celebrate and meet the national rugby heroes while enjoying a laid-back atmosphere and with the Ministry’s outreach especially this year, the cheaper tickets are likely to sell out soon. They are  a creative bunch these fanatics, and a well organised night full of surprises is expected by all.

The Kenya Rugby Union awards dinner promises a chance to schmooze with Union officials, smoke a cigar, network with the movers and shakers of Kenyan rugby. It is also a chance to meet up and discuss way forward for different KRU ventures like the Rugby Super Series and the Safari Sevens and get first hand information on the Union’s plans. Well worth the Ksh.3000.

Infact, the two dinners, between them, ensure that everyone in the rugby fraternity is catered for; players, officials, fanatics and friends of rugby and of course the media will have a lot to feed off.

Are there people who will attend both dinners? Definitely.  There is something to be look forward to at each and who doesn’t like a party?


  1. says


    This is a good read i must say…

    The Maasai Shuka is for the brave fanatics.

    We have done the shukaz all over the world. We are yet to see how many of us can don that shuka with the tuxedo.

    We might just have a good harvest!

    The Minister

  2. Aidan Moore says

    Good and interesting piece. KRU awards nominees are also on selection committees…. what kind of nonsense is that? To the Shuka fanatics, why not be brave and show off those hairy kneecaps like your kilt wearing brothers?

  3. Assistant Minister says

    Bwana Harvest,
    As much as Tuxedos are nappy and smart, the shukas represent who we are. A green suit on St Paddy’s day is just as hideous. But they dorn it proudly.

    Bwana Aidan,
    Kilts are not our culture. Shukas are. Sometimes, you have to do the daring, then others will follow.

  4. Permanent Sec says

    Gread read Harvester, we do hope you and others will grace our night of thanks giving.

    I shall don my shuka with pride, my heritage.

    Permanent Sec.

  5. says

    Mr. Minister and Mr.Permanent Secretary,

    We look forward to seeing the fanatics braving the chilli November weather to don the Shuka.

    I am curious about how the shuka stays up and whether there is any layer of clothing below it. I hope these concerns will be addressed soon and I hope those interested can get a tutorial on how to tie the shuka.

    I, for one, will come fully clothed.

  6. says

    Aidan, I suspect that nothing will be done to correct this oversight. Still I hope that this will be put down to teething problems and that next year’s gala will be better thought out.

  7. says

    Harvest, who said shukas are not warm enough to keep the cold away, and why do you have to have the second or third layer under the shukas, i will be commando doing my fanatics proud, do you know the ministry of Rugby is not just a kenyan affair, we have followers allover the world, and those are the people i rep, we will be having our gala the same time as our guyz are doing it in kenya, streaming it live on the web,
    You have to be a real Fanatic to take up this challenge to carry this heavy load of being a member of this prestigious group. as for the Tux and the shuka it will go down the book of history the Fanatics being the first ones to pull this, as for the KRU, you do your thing, we not hating,,
    regards the
    foreign minister,

  8. Kemmie-kali says

    The Elliptics Awards Gala is by the fanatics,for the fanatics n i for one,am a fanatic,a rugby fanatic.I dont see anythn wrong wth th shukas,if anythn,i love th idea-it is who we are n i am certain th gentlemen will look absolutely amazing.
    As much as i have a million not so nice things2say abt th KRU dinner,i will not juz to prove tht th fanatics r not,how did u put it ”a bunch of happy-go-lucky look for any reason to drink,loud…bla bla”
    P.S-I am loud,i am a fanatic,i certainly cannot cheer in whispers.If u want a quiet game,go play charades!!!


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