Dec17Kenya 2010: public forum at sarakasi dome – photos

photos by Mentalacrobatics and Harvesttone

The programme at Sarakasi Dome began with a press conference addressed by the organisers of Dec17Kenya.

Dorothy Ogutu (KESWA), Peninah Mwangi (BHESP),  Zawadi Nyong'o and Manduli

Dorothy Ogutu (KESWA), Peninah Mwangi (BHESP), Zawadi Nyong'o and Manduli

The place was filled to capacity.

crowds at Dec17kenya

Speakers, who included Zawadi Nyong’o and Esther Passaris, talked about basic human rights, workers rights and challenges and way forward for sex workers.

Peninah Mwangi (BHESP)

Zawadi Nyongo

A participant shelters herself and her children from the hot sun as they eat lunch

The MC was hilarious. She kept us on our toes.


  1. says

    Thank you for capturing these beautiful moments Nekesa. Very nice! I’m still recovering but still feel so blessed – this is just the start of many more things to come. We can now dream of decriminalizing sex work in Kenya.

  2. Anne Gathumbi says

    Just watching the hundreds of Red Umbrellas take over some of the busiest parts of the city was powerful. i feel we are at the threshhold of a new beginning in the movement for sex worker rights. It reminded me of Nov. 25 in 1995 when we first marked the first 16 days of activism on violence against Women, 15 years later, sex workers have come out to stake a claim to their rightful place in the Human Rights movement. I am trully priveledged to be part of this new beginning.

  3. Jessica Nkuuhe says

    Congratulations to all the organisers of the December 17th event; a first for Kenya. It was invigorating to watch the sea of red umbrellas moving across the city of Nairobi. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    UAF-Africa was privileged to be part of the process. We wish you well in future activities and look forward to being involved individually, or as part of the Fund.

  4. says

    Thank you all for the lovely comments on my blog. Congratulations to all the organisers and sponsors and volunteers who made this an amazing event.

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