Dec17Kenya 2010: Silent street procession – photos

photos by Mentalacrobatics.

Today is the International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers. It was created by Dr. Annie Sprinkle in 2003 as a day to raise awareness of the violence in sex work and to highlight the discrimination that sex workers face. The day is observed globally on December 17th.

In Kenya, where this event is being marked for the first time, a march to mark the International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers began on Koinange Street.

The street was red.

The red umbrella has become an important symbol for Sex Workers Rights and it is increasingly being used on December 17: “First adopted by Venetian sex workers for an anti-violence march in 2002, red umbrellas have come to symbolize resistance against discrimination for sex workers worldwide.”

It was a peaceful procession (with all the right permits!) and the cops even helped coordinate the human and car traffic.

The procession walks past Central Police Station on the way to the Sarakasi Dome in Ngara.

Once at the Sarakasi Dome, people queued up and waited patiently to get in.


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    We dared to be powerful! Thank you all so much for your support, the good vibes, the messages of solidarity, the tweets, the blogs, the works! I came home exhausted, but oh so fulfilled. It was soooo beautiful to see so many people come out. I think we can actually dream of pushing for decriminalization in Kenya now.

    Off to the after-party at Florida 2000 Night Club a.k.a F-2 now – one of the biggest sex worker clubs in Nairobi. Hope I can last.

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    Thank you all for the lovely comments on my blog. Congratulations to all the organisers and sponsors and volunteers who made this an amazing event.


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