Dec17Kenya: Mary-Stripper/Sex worker

Mary the Night Nurse has been a stripper and a sex worker since 2005.

She is a mother of four. Her body is her office.

Mary and her children face discrimination every day because of her job.

Her clients, she says are the same people who talk down to her in public, degrade her and accuse her of having loose morals.


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    @Harvest Tone

    Great work on this and in general on your coverage in pictures/videos/writings of the International day To End Violence Against Sex Workers!

    Keep it up, and may sex workers get the basic human/worker rights, and end to discrimination and violence they rightly deserve

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    Thanks distantspectator. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about sex workers. Being part of this event opened my eyes to the horrible world they are forced to live in, and made me grateful for the basic rights that I’m able to enjoy.


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