10 reasons to join Facebook

  1. It is disgustingly easy to use.
  2. You are guaranteed that someone will finally remember your birthday.
  3. You can find other people who actually love High School Musical.
  4. You can keep in touch with your grandma and your niece because they are on Facebook already.
  5. You can see what your primary school bullies are up to now.
  6. You can finally figure out what your brother did with those embarrassing photos of you…and what his friends think about them.
  7. You can finally confirm if that girl or guy you really like is single.
  8. It’s a great place to find everything from baby’s clothes  to cars.
  9. It is an extremely cheap way to promote your business or your cause.
  10. It is easy to share ideas with many people at a time and get constructive feedback; thus initiating great conversations with people all over the world.

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