Why your company needs to be on Facebook

Have you written off Facebook as just another social networking site for youngsters? Here are some reasons why you might want to rethink things and jump aboard!

1. It will not cost you anything to join Facebook and it takes about 15 minutes only.

2. There are more than 500million active users and counting. A good number of your clients and prospective customers are already on Facebook so why not ensure that your company information is right there where they can see it?

3. There is already a conversation going on about your company or at least your industry. Using Facebook allows you to be aware of that conversation and be part of it.

4. Facebook allows you to receive feedback and constructive criticism from your clients. You also get a chance to present your point of view and interact with clients or prospective clients.

5. 50% of Facebook’s active users log on to Facebook in any given day and the average user has 130 friends. If you have a Facebook page, any updates you post show up on your ‘fans’ walls. If friends of your fans ‘like’ your update, it shows up on their walls as well. Your update has a good chance of going viral.

6. Facebook allows you to create brand awareness on a low budget. This will depend on how often you interact on Facebook.

7. Facebook allows you to create events for your business, which you can easily invite fans to.

Here are some stats about Facebook and its users. While you’re here, Hit Your Note is now on Facebook here. Please take a moment to join our community.

While Facebook may not be ideal for every business or initiative out there, its reach is so wide that it is definitely worth considering. Is your business taking advantage of Facebook? If not, why not?

This list is by no means exhaustive, what other advantages have you found while using facebook for your business?

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