Feed a Kenyan

Everyday, millions of Kenyans go hungry. Three square meals a day has for a long time been a luxury to many.

National and international press constantly report on the drought that is tormenting Kenyans; threatening the survival of families.

Hunger brings with it malnourished children and malnourished nursing mothers. It brings with it widows, widowers and orphans.

Children drop out of school because learning is impossible when you are going hungry for days at a time.

Resource based conflict becomes inevitable as Kenyans scramble for the little resources available.

As we take ownership of Kenyan sports champions, so must we take ownership of this problem faced by our brothers and sisters.

Kenyans are dying of hunger! Let us rally together and do something about it.

Did you know that for 250 Kenya Shillings, you can feed a Kenyan?

Let one and all arise
With hearts both strong and true…

Join Kenyans on twitter as they help the Kenya Red Cross to feed hungry Kenyans. Donate a minumum of 250 Kenya shillings. If just 10,000 Kenyans do this, we will raise 2.5 million Kenya Shillings for starving Kenyans.

To donate money in Kenya by MPESA, go to the ‘Safaricom’ menu on your phone and select ‘M-PESA’

Select Pay Bill from your M-PESA menu
Enter ‘Business No.- Input ‘10,000‘
Enter the account No- Leave blank and select OK
Enter the amount you wish to send and confirm your PIN.
You and the recipient will receive an SMS confirming the transaction

Show your support for this initiative on twitter using #FeedKe

Feed a Kenyan today!


  1. michele says

    Hi, I have 150 Kenyan shillings. I know that is not much, but it’s been sitting in a drawer, leftover from a trip I took there in 2007. Instead of it sitting here, I was hoping to donate it. Do you have any suggestions of where I might be able to do this from the US?

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