Filling in your new Facebook timeline.

The Facebook timeline is here!

‘So what?’ you ask.

Well, your personal profile will be replaced with your new timeline on 21 December 2011. Right now though, you should see an invitation to try Timeline at the top of your Facebook screen, or you can go ahead and activate it here.

The timeline is a real-time stream that shows you all of the events, images and posts that are important to you, while hiding the items that it feels are not important. A sort of ‘automatic autobiography’.

Check out this video; Introducing Timeline – A New Kind of Profile

“Timeline is the story of your life: all your stories, all your apps and a new way to express who you are.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Filling in your timeline

Menu Bar
As you scroll down your new Timeline, a floating menu bar will appear at the top of your screen. Use it to add new events.

Life Events
When you click on life events, which should be on the right of your screen, you will get options to fill in the kind of stuff that has been going on in your work education, in your family and relationships, in your home and living, health and wellness and travel and experiences.

Remember that how much information you reveal is really up to you.

Adding an event
When you add an event, a pop-up window appears for you to complete simple fields relevant to your event. You can attach a suitable photo from the event.


The default setting for events that you post is ‘public’. You can change this by clicking the drop-down menu and picking your preferred privacy level.

Featured events
Once you post an event, it appears very large on your time line display. The assumption here is that you have added it here because it is important to you and so you want to feature it. If that is not the case,you can minimise it by clicking the star on the top right side of your picture. You can click on the pen right next to the star to hide or delete a photo all together.

Recent activity
Remember that all the changes you make on your timeline are being added to you recent activity. This means that all your friends can see what you’re up to. If you would like to fill in your timeline without alerting everyone, go to your recent activity, hover over the relevant alert and hit the X to hide the activity from you timeline.

As you wrap your head around what you’d like to include in your timeline, check out these awesome timeline designs and let me know what you think of the Facebook timeline!