Santam V. Nandos

Courtesy Ambro

IT IS WAR! And I love it!

Nandos, who you may remember from their Last Dictator Standing video, launched a parody of a Santam ad.

Santam is an insurance company and I love the fact that they not only came up with this incredibly entertaining ad to begin with, but that following the Nandos parody ad, they went on to make a parody ad of their own!

This little war has resulted in great competitive advertising and valuable exposure for both brands and great entertainment for the rest of us. I find myself now thinking about my insurance cover while getting hungry and laughing myself silly.

I love that brands are embracing technology and making it work for them.

You can watch the videos below.

This is the original Santam ad.

This is the Nandos parody ad. Pow!

Then Santam hit back! Pow!Pow!

What do you think? Isn’t this brilliant?!


  1. Dan says

    When I first watched the commercials I was thunderstruck; not just by the creativity but the leeway both organizations had given their creative agencies.

    However both the followup TVC’s have all to do with the organizations (or products) but with their ad agencies taking at each other “with guns blazing, fists swinging and their tongues firmly in their cheeks”

    I’ll have a look at my terms and conditions once more…

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