I love Africa.
She makes me laugh, she makes me cry.
She makes me dance, she makes me work.

She gives me sleepless nights.
She’s also the reason I sleep so soundly,
because she gives me hope.

I love the fullness of her culture
and the voluptuous curves of her landscape.
She has countless serene features;
hidden gems known only to those who know her.

I love her freshness and her fertility,
her untainted flavours,
her delicacies passed down from generation to generation.

I love her protection.
Soldiers fight in her name –
for peace, for equality, for freedom.

I love the allure of her ideas, birthed by the spirit of ubuntu.
She meets all my needs – everything I desire.
And the world looks on, lusting.

I love Africa.
She makes me sing, she makes me dream.
she makes me pray, she makes me love.