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Protecting Innovators

Innovators are often driven by a passion to impact their societies and to earn a living by creating relevant products. Their products make it easier for us to learn, to access more affordable health care, to access food, to access government services and so on. These innovations are precious. A key feature of mature innovation [...]

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The Future Of Technology And The Role Of Africa

This was initially delivered as a keynote address at the Techpoint Build conference on 28th August, 2020. The future of technology concerns all of us. For example, across our companies, we are having conversations about the impact of the fourth industrial revolution, AI, or perhaps big data. We expect the future of technology will impact [...]

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The Value Of Hubs

10 years ago in Africa, we began to see the emergence of independent innovation and entrepreneurship centres. These were hubs not housed in the research and development departments of companies. They were launched independently, many times by innovators themselves. They were built to give innovators across Africa spaces to build, test, and launch their products. [...]

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