Cool things to do with a head of cabbage

head of cabbage

  1. Make cabbage juice
  2. Use them as bowling balls. You can use empty wine bottles for bowling pins
  3. Have a karate challenge and see who can split one cabbage into two pieces with their bare hands
  4. Compare it to the size of your head, just because you can.
  5. Play spin the bottle. If you’re it, take a bite of the cabbage
  6. Cut it in half and paint it grey. Voila! The human brain.
  7. Can’t afford a halloween pumpkin? Curve a cabbage.
  8. Ground the kids and make them paint the globe on it.

What other cool stuff can one do with cabbages?

Content development strategy

Proper content development is an integral part of social media marketing. Unfortunately, many times, content is an afterthought for many organisations. Social media marketing is all about engaging people and the key to engaging people is great content, which people will want to read and share. A good content development strategy will help you develop great content.

The aim of your content development strategy should be to connect you with media, customers, suppliers and influencers. Through your online presence, people should be able to receive information or get expertise from you, and they should be able to easily find the information they are looking for.

There must be a purpose for everything that you communicate to your audience. It must be essential to your audience and it must compliment your organisation’s marketing or public relations strategy. This means that your content development strategy needs to allow you to listen and talk to your audience while effectively understanding their needs.

Take a look at this presentation by Joe Pulizzi and Kristina Halvorson about web content strategy.
When developing your content development strategy, remember that content comes in many forms; it could be a tweet, a picture, a blog post, a you tube video and so on.

Jason Falls lists some questions that you may want to ask yourself when developing a more broad content development strategy for an organization.

For more information on how you can create your own content development strategy, write to me on nekesa at harvesttone dot com